Files should be prepared in CMYK color system without Crop Marks.

Maximum color saturation (CMYK): 290.

Black color composition: C 70%, M 60%, Y 60%, K 100%.

Raster graphic for tiff and eps formats:
– tiff: 4 channels (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black);
– eps: do not divide into separate channels;
– no additional alpha channels, without paths and with LZW compression.

Vector graphic for eps format:
– for all vector graphics components CMYK pallet should be used;
– all fonts should converted in curves;
– all raster graphics used in file should be prepared in CMYK color format.

Resolution depends on purpose of prints:
– outdoor advertising, M 1:1 – 72 dpi;
– indoor prints, M 1:1 – 72-150 dpi;
– small printworks, А3, А4  e.g., M 1:1 – max. 300 dpi, acceptable side cropping – 5 mm.