Public transit stops

Excellent area for your advertisement! Main advantage of such communication channel – long contact time of potential client with advertised goods or services. Advertisement on bus shelters can be places along main streets and in compounds where your target audience live. We will help you to achieve desired result! We will add bright and saturated colors to your ad message. Nobody will walk by!

Pillars and columns

Affordable, mobile, attractive! Does your brand need that? Use of pillars and columns – excellent way to advertise goods or services. They also fit in the best way for navigation in large areas: retail and business centers, exhibition spaces. We will do all required to make your ad message on pillar or column attractive. Our products do not require large maintenance investments, they are durable and wear resistant.

PVC banner and mesh

A good ad can be noticed from the distance! And your advertisement is exactly like that! Banner is an excellent marketing instrument. It could be placed on a wall of the building, or on stand-alone construction. Among all advantages – every size, broad audience coverage, fast production. We will make a quality print of your banner, and also will ensure its durability. We will select materials which are most resistant to environmental factors. Result will delight you with colorful print and long-term use!


Sign is a face of your brand. The more attractive it is, the more likely that your potential client will become an actual. It is a good an effective idea to tell about your goods and services this way. Every size, shape and color. In every surface... Our products are affordable, easy to maintain, and their use do not require additional investments.

Advertisement on public transit

What can be more mobile than advertisement on public transit? Just imagine how may people every day see passing bus with colorful and attractive advertisement? And how many passengers are transported with this bus? How many kilometers this bus makes along city streets, reaching the most distant living areas? It is certainly a sound decision to promote your brand this way. And we will help you to do this! We will print a ready design and also provide advice for layout, select the appropriate material and arrange its installation on any type of vehicle!"