Photo wallpapers

Individual interior, bright accents, thematic decoration, zoning and even visual broadening of space. These effects are easy-to-achieve with use of photo wallpapers you your interior. Our technologies provide excellent color transfer and high detalization. We use high quality safe inks, which are resistant to UV light. We print in the way tha you should feel convenient in your interior.

Photo on textile (canvas)

A creative way to inform about yourselves and to draw attention. Use free standing figures. It can be all what you can imagine: for instance, silhouette of a celebrity or object which complements surrounding space. It is possible to arrange a whole compositions from such figures, thanks to their mobility. We will create all necessary elements for impressive decoration of your space: from interesting photo areas to trade space. Increased public interest is guaranteed!

Kitchen panels

Kitchen furniture panels with print look much more effective and elegant, compared to classic ceramic tiles. It is also a possibility to complement interior of your kitchen and make interesting accents. You can select also practical image which will mask consequences of food preparation. We will produce for you kitchen panels on a durable material. Due to specific technology of print, it does not suffer from hot steam, splashes of fats and scratches.

Print on the wood, glass, textile

Modern print on different kinds of surfaces allows to create unique interiors. It is a possibility to decorate furniture, windows, glass, and mirror, textile. Our technologies allow us to print large constructions and rolls of textile. At the same time surface could be of different texture and thickness. We help to transfer simple things into exclusive!