POS stands

Durable, reliable, mobile. POS stands are easy to assemble and disassemble, simple to transport, handle and store. And, most important, such advertisement constructions can be used multiple times. All this with a condition that information is printed and installed in a quality way. We will help you with that! Segmented or complete area print with full color image – it is your decision! Your installation will definitely stand out among multiple competitors in a large shopping mall or trade fair!

Free standing figures

A creative way to inform about yourselves and to draw attention. Use free standing figures. It can be all what you can imagine: for instance, silhouette of a celebrity or object which complements surrounding space. It is possible to arrange a whole compositions from such figures, thanks to their mobility. We will create all necessary elements for impressive decoration of your space: from interesting photo areas to trade space. Increased public interest is guaranteed!

Corrugated cardboard for pallet decoration

Pallets from corrugated cardboard are cost effective, lightweight and take 9! times less space in storage, comparing to wood pallets, also they are moisture resistant. Suitable for use even in contact with foostuffs. We will make durable and mobile constructions which will serve you multiple times. We guarantee stability and safety of our products.

Floor stickers

An original an rather effective type of advertisement – floor stickers. It is a way to tell about product or service. This move will definitely distinguish you among competitors. You can also arrange navigation around premises by using floor stickers. We will produce floor stickers of every size, shape and complexity. Also, we will select a specific laminate with anti-slip effect, which will protect your image for a long time.

Safety gates

One more place for placing advertisement – security gates. Buyer will see this ad as the first one when entering retail space. That means that probability to make purchase will increase. Apart from that buyer spends a lot of time at check-out while paying for goods, and safety gates are installed also there. We will help to use this channel of communication efficiently, thus increasing interese of audience about your product. We will print necessary image bright, detailed and in a good quality. Clients will not leave without purchase!

Rigid boards

Retail space cannot be imagined without use of advertisement on rigid boards. Rigid boards of different shapes placed in different levels, and all possible stoppers will do everything to tempt buyer. It does not matter where you have decided to place your advertisement – above or on the shelves, or near check-out terminals – we will make your advertisement idea happen! We will create tempting and effective board which will attract attention of your audience!

Shop window decoration

Place goods in a shop window or use some creativity to decorate exposition in a single style while adding few effective elements? We like the second choice better! It is one of the aspects of successful sales. You will definitely draw attention of your potential clients to your offering. We will use creative approach and prepare all necessary materials for decoration of your windows. We will transfer images and textual information to necessary areas. From large scale compositions to compressed objects!

Advertisement on escalators

Do you know that advertisement on escalators is organized across the public flow? This way the message of advertisement can be noticed by all. Advertisement also can be placed on balustrades and steps of escalator. The effect of remembering is increasing up to 80%. It is not a coincidence that such marketing tools quite often are used by worldwide chains of fast-food, carmakers a smartphone producers. Would you like us to help you to use this tool? We will transfer the advertisement message to the required surface. You can be sure that image will keep its colors for a long time and will not loose its apearance.


Good quality bright sign will improve visibility of your business. It is particularly true for inside of shopping mals where there are a lot of competing objects, and you cannot survive without noticeable signage. It will tell potential client about your offering, but it also can serve as a landmark and direction sign in a large shopping area. We produce signage for retail spaces taking into account wishes of our clients: we will create a product of every shape, size, and color. We will select the optimal materials which will not create burden with maintenance and will serve for a long time.

Decorative panels

Another effective way to attract with your brand – is to use decorative panels. It is easy to match them with design of the space, and they are simple to use. It is not necessary to make levelling of surface before installation. And the most important – decorative panels could be printed with any kind of information. Our products will delight you with brightness and quality execution. We use materials which comply to regulations of fire safety. Also, our decorative panels do not contain neither glue nor toxic resins. That means that they are eco-friendly and safe for humans.