Several components are required to allow advertisement on banner to work as planned – well-thought ad message, professional design and its transfer on the media, and quality installation. All this cannot provide desired effect if wrong place of advertisement is chosen.


  1. Among other ads. In this case banner will be lost among similar ones. Client will not be able to clarify anything in such a visual chaos.
  2. Among trees, especially in summer season. This is the case that nature harms – your message risks to be trapped between branches and banner will be covered by tree crown.
  3. Underground passages, tunnels and other tight spaces. In such locations people tend to walk fast and do not look around. Also the ad is not seen in the crowd.
  4. On road barriers. Totally useless investment. Mud and dust from vehicles within few days will cover advertisement surface with dense layer.


  1. Above the road. Banner is seen from the long distance, and there are no competition.
  2. Intersections. Here everything is easy: drivers and pedestrians see your ad message while waiting for green light.
  3. On the parking or next to it, in front of exit from shopping mall. It is noted that in such places people quite often stop and are forced to see posted advertisement.
  4. Shop window during reconstruction. Passers-by will get to know about opening soon, while worker still are busy with reconstruction.