Outdoor advertisement or interior decoration. Selection of materials depend on your desired application.
Print materials are necessary which are resistant to weather impact for outdoor advertisement. As a rule, it is banner textile, special mesh and banner paper. Image is printed with weatherproof inks, and lamination is used in some cases.
For interior print less durable materials are selected. In this case there is no sense to protect them from precipitation and impact of other outdoor conditions. Paper, wallpaper, matt vynil foil, textile – these are most appropriate materials for image transfer in interior. Inks for this case are used less durable but safer for human.
Cost of the production depend on material to be printed. Also, price influenced with resolution of dots per inch – dpi. The more dots, the sharper is the image and higher cost.
Manager has to know the type of used materials, specifics of image, run length, and deadlines for completing task to determine the final cost of the order. But even in such cases it is hard to calculate the most precise price. All this is due to specifics of technologic process. Sometimes the final price is clear only when the printing process is started in case of non-standart requirements.
Therefore it is important to detail your wishes to project manager.